Cloud 1: A floating piece of cotton candy.
Styling by myself and Caroline Claude, photography by Maria Andreyuk

Melts the clouds of sin and sadness, drive the dark of doubt away


'Home Sweet Home'
Literally. This is me sitting on the actual house I grew up in; it felt quite weird. I was back the other day filming for a Garage documentary “Brandy & Coke” and it brought back a lot of good memories.
There’s a lot of history within these walls: I produced Boys Love Girls here in my bedroom; I used to write pirate radio bars with Sharky Major in here; I think D Double has made a tape here before — maybe Monkee as well; many tapes deep with Demon; I remember Ghetto (when he had braids) spitting probably some of his earliest bars to me in the dining room; Skeet, Swifty, and Petchy (my idol back then) all blessed the cassettes; my whole first album was practically all written here between the ages of 15-18. Wiley used to pick me up from this house and I imagine I was probably waiting, and waiting, on this wall for hours just like I am in this photo — you know Will’s always a day or two late! Nothing’s changed there. But Wiley, to a young mc back then, was like a superstar. Nothing’s changed there either. 
But I am so lucky my mum allowed us to make a lot of noise in this house. That “noise” has literally shown me the world. So it’s always nice to come back and get shown so much love. Seeing how proud everybody is of my achievements is inspiring. Really puts all the bullshit into perspective. Very humbling. Somebody’s even got a picture I drew as a kid on their fridge still. 
Anyway, I didn’t intend to waffle on for this long! But I will say hold-tight the family on the road that gave us a jump-start that day. Thank you!